Stationery Supplies

Stationery has been part of the studying process for decades, and it does not look like it will go away. The reason why stationery shops in Johannesburg still continue to exist is because of the need there is for stationery supplies, equipment and study material for people to advance their education.

The most common items available at stationery stores are:

As much as digital media is having an impact on traditional published media, not everyone in South Africa has access to a computer or laptop, so the traditional way of learning with pen and paper will still be here for a long time. Study material is usually printed with the use of industrial printing machines, but people who learn from these books and guides will always be using standard stationery.

Learning off a monitor is a completely different process to learning from physical material. While the stationery industry is very competitive considering there are massive chains in South Africa, it may be difficult to set up a new stationery supplies business, but one thing for sure is that the demand by offices and students for these supplies will still be here in the next decade or so.